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Management Principle

We have been devoted to research and development of the diamond (cBN) wheel since we founded our company. We think that the basic power of manufacturing the best products should consist in "customers' voices". We even think that the kinds of small products we make through the custom orders which characterize us must be a realization of the best quality that will satisfy our customers' most demanding needs. At this point, we conceive that we should be a company that always sincerely listens to "the voice of the customers", and pursue the best quality of products.

A message from the President,Masato Gomi

IN 1950 after hard study, the founder of Oriental Diamond Tool Lab.,Ltd ,Shoshichiro Gomi, successfully introduced practical use and mass production of the first domestic Rhinestone cut by automatic processing. In the year 1953, diamond wheels for the company's own use were developed from scratch, and established our company's logo simultaneously commemorating the founder's name "Gomi". It stands for 53 in the Japanese pronunciation and it has been acknowledged and patronized as a symbol of our products for more than half a century by many customers.
Users gave firm support to the performance of the diamond wheels researched and developed in our original technique, and the production of diamond wheels smoothly increased in number. As a result , in 1962 we established Oriental Diamond Tools Lab.,Ltd.
As the 21st century begins , our steady effort of research and development keeps pour main products "the diamond wheel" and "cBN wheel" evolving. Not only within the domestic market, our business is expanding abroad including China and Southeast Asian countries due to supply and demand-related globalization.
In 2012 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our company's establishment. we announced that we must keep the mind of Japanese manufacturers which has been cultivated since the establishment of diamond wheels trusted by our customers, and to fulfill our duty seriously as experts.

Quarity Policy

1 We build good relations with all stakeholders based on the improvement of customer satisfaction.
2 We make continuous improvement to business system and on product quality.
3 We exert ourselves to reinforce our profit structure and to develop new products progressively.

Environmental Polisy

š@Basic Principle
We build and keep an environmental control system and work on environmental conservation activity to minimize impacts upon the environment that could occur in the course of our diamond wheel production.

š@A course of actions
We wrestle with the next points in every process of production from procurement of raw materials and parts, development of our products to disposal.
We aim to:
1 Reduce industrial waste and promote recycling.
2 Realise the importance of saving energy, and promote resource conservation. 3 Appropriately manage chemical substances.
4 Consider the environment in our product development and design. We disseminate this environmental policy to our employees so that we may act appropriately and improve the general acknowledgement and consciousness toward of environmental problems.


Oriental Diamond Tool Lab.Ltd.

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